arrowCreate a new arrow widget
attribDefine an attribute of a new renderer.
buttonCreate a new button widget
c-codeEmbed C code directly into an Entity application.
calendarCreate a new calendar widget
checkboxCreate a true/false toggle button
ctreeCreate a columned tree widget
ctree-cellCreate a column within a row.
ctree-columnCreate columns for a clist
ctree-rowCreate a row within a clist. Use the 'ctree-cell' tag for individual entries.
dropdownCreate a dropdown menu. Use the 'string' element to fill it with items.
dynaload-elementUsed internally to keep track of elements that should be dynamically loaded.
dynaload-libraryUsed internally to keep track of which libraries contain which elements.
entryCreate a single line text entry.
fileselCreates a new file selection dialog (this renderer needs replacement!).
fixedA container widget for positioning children at absolute x/y coordinates.
frameCreate a pretty frame to group a set of child widgets.
graphCreate a new graph widget
graph-lineCreate a new line on the graph.
graph-pointCreate a new point on a graph
halignHorizontal alignment container
hpaneCreate a new horizontal pane.
hseparatorCreate a horizontal seperation widget.
hsliderCreate a new horizontal sliding value adjuster
hwrapalignCreates a new horizontal alignment, that allows for children to wrap if they are constrained for space
imageDisplay an image from a file.
includeLoad an XML file and render the nodes under this include node.
ioBuffered event driven IO. Set up a file descriptor, and use this to do input or output on it.
javascriptEmbed JavaScript in your application.
labelCreate a simple label widget.
listCreate a new list widget.
list-itemCreate an item for in a list.
menuCreate a menu. This should then be populated with menu-items, or more 'menu's.
menubarCreate your typical menu bar widget.
menuitemCreate a single menu item.
norenderAny children of this tag are not be displayed, rendered etc.
notebookCreate a new notebook widget.
notepageCreate a new page in a notebook.
objectCreate a new object.
optionmenuCreate a new menu with submenus for options.
perlInclude embedded Perl in your Entity application.
popupmenuCreate a new popup menu for use in context.
progressCreate a new progress widget to display activity of a process.
radioCreate a new radio button
radio-groupCreate a new group to hold other radio buttons.
raw-ioEvent driven IO watcher. Feed it a file descriptor, and it'll call you when data arrives, or is ready to be sent.
rendererDefine a new element in any supported langauge.
requireSpecify a file that must be loaded. If the file is already loaded, it will not be loaded again.
scrollwindowCreate a new scrollable window.
spinnerCreate a fancy widget for selecting an integer or floating point value
stringCreate a new string. This is only really useful in context with other elements. It is not a widget, but is used by some.
system-argsGet arguments passed to entity on command line.
system-elementsA list of supported system elements. Each supported element will be set as an attribute of this node, with a value of true.
system-infoGet various bits of system information.
system-timeGet system time information.
textA full sized, optionally editable text widget.
timerCreate a new timer that will call a function every 'interval' milliseconds.
togglebuttonCreate a new toggle button widget.
treeCreates a tree widget, and is also used for individual nodes in the tree.
valignVertical alignment container
vpaneCreate a new vertical pane.
vseparatorCreate a vertical seperation widget.
vsliderCreate a new vertical sliding value adjuster
vwrapalignCreates a new vertical alignment, that allows for children to wrap if they are constrained for space
windowCreate a new top-level window.