Tag: csink-sslnull
Attrib Name Type Possible Values Description
__remote-ip string null Set to the ip address of the remote host.
_write string null Message wanted to be sent.
action choice connect,close,listen Action wanted to perform (ie "connect", "disconnect".)
local-interface string null Specify local interface to bind on. Not often used.
local-port integer null Specify local port to bind to. Useful mostly for listening.
onclose function (csink_node) Function to call when the connection closes.
onconnect function (csink_node) Function to call when the connection completes.
onerror function (csink_node, error_string) Function to call when an error occurs.
onnewdata function (csink_node, new_data, data_length) Function to call with data read from the csink.
remote-host string null Name of remote host or IP address to connect to.
remote-port integer null Port of remote host.