overview Entity is an engine that allows you to build applications from XML with embedded scripting languages. Once interpreted, the XML nodes become objects which can be manipulated by various scripting languages. Supported languages include python, perl, tcl, javascript and C (compiled and loaded at runtime).
X/MIT license.
Featureful GTK+ module for rapidly building GUI applications.
Allows you to work in a wide selection of languages.
Very low learning curve.
Consistent interface to objects accross all languages.
Very lean/fast implementation.
New classes/objects can easily be added; implemented in any supported language.
Documentation There is only a small amount of documentation. There are many test programs in the 'test' directory of the distribution, as well as some examples in the 'apps' directory.
Tag Reference Manual.
Tutorial style introduction to Entity.
IDL Definition of the ENode API (this is the API implemented in the scripting langauges that is used to modify the object tree)..
Entity development began in Jun of 1999, and has slowed to a crawl as of 2003. However, this page is maintained in the hopes someone will find it useful. We are presently at work on a new distributed version of Entity.

You can contact the author, Ian Main, by sending email to ian-entity at stemwinder.org.
download All versions of Entity have been made available for download at the SourceForge project site.